About Us

About Us

Red Crab Software

Red Crab Software is a web site which holds the software projects designed and developed by me, Tom Auger. I started learning to write windows programs a few years ago and whilst I was learning I came up with some programming ideas that related to my hobbies and interests. Once I had an idea I planned the whole program out on paper and started writing the code! The end results are the software programs that appear on this website.

As my programming skills become more advanced I will continue to add new features to each program, however if you have any of your own ideas of how I can improve any aspect of my software, or even the website then please send me an email! Any feedback on my software is useful, positive or negative and I will reply to your comments!

To contact me, either send me an email direct to mail@redcrabsoftware.co.uk or use the contact form.

Enjoy using Red Crab Software!
Tom Auger