Red Crab Fishing Log 1.5

What is Red Crab Fishing Log?
Red Crab Fishing Log is a computer program that you can use to record your fishing trips. You can enter information about the venue you were at, the fish you caught, and also add your own photos to your records. For more information on the features see Main Features.
What type of anglers can use Red Crab Fishing Log?
Whether you are a course, trout, or sea fisherman all anglers can use Red Crab Fishing Log!
What operating system will Red Crab Fishing Log run on?
Red Crab Fishing Log can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Unfortunately Mac and Linux are not supported.
How large is the Red Crab Fishing Log download?
The download is around 4.3 MB (roughly 5 mins to download on an average internet connection).
What is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express?
Microsoft SQL 2005 Express is a database system that Red Crab Fishing Log uses to store your fishing records. It is a free download from Microsoft and will be downloaded and installed by the Red Crab Fishing Log installer if you don’t already have it on your computer.
What is the .NET Framework?
The .NET Framework is a free Microsoft product that is required for Red Crab Fishing Log to run. If you have a fully updated Windows computer then this should already be installed but the Red Crab Fishing Log installer will download and install the .NET Framework if it is not present on your computer.